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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The prototypes created for this development were the T-126 and T-127, which were similar to a previous T-46-5 project earlier abandoned. While adequate against reserve vehicles and low tier light tanks, the 45 mm gun will struggle against medium tanks such as M4 Sherman or PzKpfw IV Ausf.F2, which you can penetrate frontally only at short range, thus forcing you to rely on flank shots. British tanks are also well-armoured, and against these vehicles it is usually better to use APCR shells over APHE shells. The vehicle was armed with a 45 mm 20K Mod. Both sides of the tank contain juicy ammo racks that are hard to miss if the tank's sides are hit, but more experienced drivers will know to empty the left wall. Racks 1: 10 shells modeled / contains 17 shells. Announced in 2011, it was first released in November 2012 as an open beta with a worldwide release in January 2013; it had its official release on 21 December 2016. The game is based around combined arms battles on air, land, and sea with vehicles from the Spanish Civil War to today. It is easy to rush an enemy tank and catch it by surprise, giving a first shot advantage. Technical specification called for weight of 14 tonnes (30 865 lb), main armament consisting from 45 mm (1.77’’) gun and 45 mm (1.77’’) thick sloped armour. These tanks were mass-produced by factory No. The turret traverse is slow, which may be a hindrance in close range brawls or city battles. Blue Eye: 30 victories with a battle activity of 50% . The first unlockable round, BR-240P AP round is able to penetrate up to 73/65/26 mm (2.87/2.56/1.02’’) of armour at the point blank range, and 17/15/6 mm (0.67/0.59/0.24’’) of armour at the range of 2 km (6562 feet), giving you better short range penetration in exchange for worse long range performance and a lack of explosive filling. Because of these issues, only 69 T-50s were made before production ended in January 1942. While its production was on standby, another tank with superior specifications was being tested and produced, which will end up as the T-34 medium tank. By Werner_von_Seitz, February 10, 2017 in Skin Requests. Watch Queue Queue. Despite the low numbers, the ones available were sent to Leningrad where they saw most of their service. Attention! Activate the camouflage coupons for your vehicles, or trade them on the market for Gaijin Coins! Join. The T-126 was selected for further development and was to have two prototypes built and tested in Leningrad after the original design bureau was decimated by Stalin's Great Purge. This video is unavailable. This makes for a difficult opponent, but the T-50 can still come out on top if it takes advantage of its mobility and sloped armour. The front and sides of the hull are sloped quite well, and this means that low tier tanks will often bounce their shells off of the T-50. It's rather weak compared to the cannons on similar tanks, and the calibre is low for the battle rating. The visual discrepancy concerns all racks. Even equipped with 2 machine guns, the clip capacity is quite poor as they rely on a magazine of 63 bullets instead of a belt like similar machine guns from other nations. If features the same armament (and turret) as the Lorraine 40t on a more robust chassis, similar to that of the AMX M4, in sum, it is a fusion of the former's firepower and the latter's mobility and protection. At the maximum range of 2 km (6562 feet), the default round’s penetration values then decrease to 26/23/10 mm (1.02/0.91/0.39’’). Several tanks were equipped with add-on armour plates during field maintenance. G.50 (7AS) The Fiat G.50 "Freccia" (Arrow), first flown in 1937, was the first Italian all metal, single seat, mono-wing airplane. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit … The armour plating on its hull was sloped at a steep angle. In 1939, the development of the replacement for already obsolete T-26 light tank was issued to OKMO design bureau, attached to Factory No.185 in Leningrad. Road wheels with internal cushioning and torsion-bar suspension were mounted in the tank's undercarriage. Members. The T-50's design plan was completed by January 1941, and production was authorised after setting up in April. This is a subreddit for War Thunder, a cross platform vehicular combat MMO developed by Gaijin Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux,... jump to content. It is often used in tier 2 battles for its versatility as an aggressive scout tank. Watch Queue Queue All rights reserved. This tank is infamous for being impossible to penetrate and having extremely good armor for its tier, which is evident whenever I shoot one because I get target undamaged even in green spots. The tank's construction was far more complicated than that of the T-26. u/Robball14. Radar on T-50. r/Warthunder: This is a subreddit for War Thunder, a cross platform vehicular combat MMO developed by Gaijin Entertainment for Microsoft Windows … Press J to jump to the feed. The turret can also be quite challenging to penetrate. This is easier said than done, of course, as the T-50 demonstrates excellent mobility, but with the right amount of sneaking around, it can be done. r/Warthunder. It was introduced in Update 1.75 "La Résistance". Combined with the T-50's subpar turret traverse, the T-50 will be in dire straits if its turret is hit. First prototype of the tank, designated T-126SP (abbreviation for Soprovzdheniya Pekhoty, “Infantry Support), was completed in the summer of 1940. Due to this, the acceleration on the T-50 is outstanding; 60 km/h in about 6 seconds off-road. © 2010—2020 by Gaijin Entertainment. The T-10 is a Soviet heavy tank from the Cold War that is the last of the IS series. The gun is also excellent for its BR, having a fairly high velocity combined with a good HE filler amount and a very fast fire rate which makes follow up/corrective shots easy and lethal. Be sure to view the War Thunder Wiki article! It is an effective light tank with great sloping armour and an adequate 45 mm cannon, a great vehicle for beginners getting used to the Soviet play style in higher ranks. Additionally, there aren't many vital components (ammo rack, fuel tank, majority of the crew, etc.) Archived. Only 69 T-50 tanks were manufactured, including a small number of T-50s with applique armour bolted onto the frontal glacis. The first one is extremely slow turret traverse, which will hamper your attempts to lead fast targets (such as other light tanks) and will significantly lower your response time. 174. Upper rear armour is then 25 mm (0.98’’) thick with a slope of 61°, while the unsloped lower rear plate has again the thickness of 40 mm (1.77’’). The tracks are quite large and grant you a decent mobility on hard (solid ground, roads) and soft terrain (mud, snow, sand). Racks 7: 21 shells modeled / contains 16 shells. The turret completes the full 360° circle in 45.3 seconds, meaning the turret traverse value is 8° per second. It had a classical layout, with the driving and fighting compartments in the front of the vehicle and the engine transmission compartment in the rear. The rear of the turret's roof contained a command cupola with seven observation slots protected by armoured hatches. Soviet officials thus decided to discontinue the T-50 production, and focused on the mass production of other tanks. 170k. The vehicle was used operationally, but details about its service are not known. Like its big brother, the T-34, the T-50 has sloped frontal armour that can bounce most shots if angled properly. Basically, the T-50 is a mini T-34 and should be played as such: as a close range brawler. In War Thunder, the T-50 is a Soviet rank II light tank with BR value of 2.7, and in the Soviet tech tree, it is a direct successor to the BT-7 tank. It was originally named the IS-10, but after Iosif Stalin's death in 1953 and the general sentiment surrounding that event, it was renamed to simply T-10. Although they do less post-penetration damage, they have a better chance of penetrating the enemy's armour in the first place. Cramped interior, one penetration can knock out the majority of the crew. The Spanish Civil War gave the Soviets insight on the future of tank warfare, and the knowledge led to an attempt to upgrade or replace their tank forces that consisted mainly of the T-26 light tanks. Its armament, armour and mobility were equal to the German PzKpfw III medium tank, and it had significantly smaller dimensions and lower combat-loaded weight. The E-75 would be somewhere between the historical Königstiger and the 10,5cm Königstiger. This tank was developed in 1940 to replace the Т-26 light tank, whose main task was direct infantry support on the battlefield. Racks 8 & 9: 12 shells modeled / contains 16 shells. This is a subreddit for War Thunder, a cross platform vehicular combat MMO developed by Gaijin … Press J to jump to the feed. This article is a stub. War Thunder. 1938 cannon and two 7.62 mm DT coaxial machine guns. I just can't find a reason it has such a high battle rating, it is inncapable of fighting most of the things it goes up against. The tank turned out to be functionally designed and well balanced, with overall optimal combat and service characteristics. BT-5,BT-7 or T-50 skins . Very nice tank. From War Thunder Wiki. https://wiki.warthunder.com/index.php?title=T-50&oldid=86213. During the battles of 1941, one vehicle was captured by Finnish troops and was used right up to the end of 1954. Top speed of the tank is 44 km/h (27.3 mph), which it can reach in 19.5 seconds. With a high top speed and great acceleration, the T-50 is one of the faster tanks at its tier. FANDOM. The T-10M is a rank VI Soviet heavy tank with a battle rating of 8.3 (AB/RB/SB). Would you like to find out more about the T-50? Some were also used in the Continuation War against Finland as the Finnish were able to capture one up-armoured version in 1944. The E-50 was essentially the Panther II with a Tiger II like hull and a bit more horsepower, the E-75 just being a slightly larger and more up armored Tiger II. Interests: War Thunder and Minecraft; 1675 Report post; Posted May 24, 2014. Firing at the front will, at best, knock out the driver and immobilize the tank. The game is based around combined arms battles on air, land, and sea with vehicles from the Spanish Civil War to today. The prototype was given a company designation of Model G-46 and an army designation of ХР-50. Games Movies TV Video. Depiction of any real-world weapon or vehicle in this game does not mean participation in game development, sponsorship or endorsement by any weapon or vehicle manufacturer. Link to post Share on other sites. 2. with a battle rating of 2.7 (AB/RB/SB). This tank is also protected by a surprisingly powerful armour setup. The T-50 was solidly armoured, well armed and equipped with a powerful diesel engine. The reverse speed is good: it will get you out of a dangerous situation quickly. The second weakness is the gun. The gun has a fast reload, which makes it good for engaging multiple enemies at the same time. Wikis . Posted by. Me and one other Russian tier 1 T-50 light tank gameplay. Top speed of the tank is 44 km/h (27.3 mph), which it can reach in 19.5 seconds. Thanks to its 300 hp B-4 diesel engine, the vehicle's road speed came to 52 km/h in spite of its 13.8 tonne mass. It will also serve you as a last vehicle from the tech tree before entering the legendary T-34 medium tank series. Use its agility coupled with the excellent armour to perform flanking manoeuvres, destroy enemy tanks and retreat quickly. During production, two variants were made, a basic model and an up-armoured model with extra bolted or welded metal plates. Apr 15, 2016 @ 7:01pm … Against better-armoured tanks, it is advisable to use the APCR shell for a better chance of penetrating. After that, its role was largely replaced by the more numerous and capable T-34 tanks, and it was relegated to reconnaissance roles when available. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 1.9k. edit subscriptions. The production was extremely slow not only because of high costs, but mainly because of issues with the V-4 engine. The Pz.III line of tanks are equipped with powerful guns, a high rate of fire, and decent armour. Commander’s cupola is 40 mm (1.77’’) thick as well, and the top armour, both on the turret and on the hull, has thickness of 15 mm (0.59’’). Your recoil is also nonexistent. Racks 2 & 3: 14 shells modeled / contains 17 shells. They're just hard to kill. As a light tank, the T-50 is very agile and has a very high top speed and HP ratio. That said, a good T-50 driver must be very adaptable, as he needs to adjust his play style according to which opponent he faces. The high speed makes it easy to damage the tracks, especially the first few times driving this tank. 285. It is armed with a single 45 mm (1.77’’) 20-K main gun and a coaxially mounted 7.62 mm (0.3’’) DT machine gun. You can help War Thunder Wiki by expanding it. Trials however discovered multiple issues, such as extremely cramped crew compartment and poor power-to-weight ratio. G.50 serie 2 Rank 2 Battle Rating {{{rating}}} Type Fighter Eh it gets pretty nice armor. It was introduced in Update "New Power".. General info Survivability and armour. Im really wondering what your thoughts on this tank are, I feel that its 2.7 Br is although high for a TI tan, is actually very conservative. Its streamlined turret was fully welded. Apr 15, 2016 @ 6:36pm 50 cal weak? The basic model had a 37 mm frontal armour thickness, while the up-armoured version could have 57 mm thickness. Best Tier 1 Tank -- A Review of the T-50. Share this post. The powerplant, designed specifically for the tank, suffered from extremely low reliability, and all attempts to improve it failed. Both upper and lower side armour is 40 mm (1.57’’) thick, with the upper side armour being sloped under 40° degrees. User account menu. The tank seated three crew. However, sharp turning does tend to cause the T-50 to drift, losing speed and controllability. And due to BR 2.7, you will face both tanks that you can destroy easily, and tanks that have significantly better armour and firepower. Production started on July 1941, one month after the German invasion in Operation Barbarossa. Interested in purchasing something from the War Thunder Store? Only 69 T-50s were manufactured, with most of them presumably lost either to mechanical failures or due to enemy action, and after deliveries of Lend-Lease vehicles started in 1941, the T-50 was quickly replaced by the Valentine tank, which was more suited for its intended role and was also easier to operate and was more reliable. The advice for defeating a T-50 is similar to many other tanks: flank it and hit the sides. The T-72AV (TURMS-T) is a premium gift rank VI Soviet medium tank with a battle rating of 9.7 (AB/RB/SB). It is armed with a single 45 mm (1.77’’) 20-K main gun and a coaxially mounted 7.62 mm (0.3’’) DT machine gun. I have always considered War Thunder's Panther II to be in fact an E-50. Today, two T-50 tanks survive, one basic in the Kubinka Tank Museum, and the up-armoured variant in Finland at a museum in Parola. Racks 4 & 5: 12 shells modeled / contains 17 shells. This page was last edited on 28 December 2020, at 09:49. Best Tier 1 Tank -- A Review of the T-50. Am I missing something or what? A time needed for full 360° hull traverse is 12.5 seconds on the 2nd gear, giving the tank hull traverse of 4.8° per second. Watch Queue Queue It was armed by a single 45 mm (1.77’’) main gun and two 7.62 mm (0.3’’) machine guns, and it was propelled by the inline 6 cylinder V-4 engine, producing 250 horsepower. As to armour protection, the 40 mm (1.57’’) thick frontal glacis is sloped under the angle of 52°, the frontal side “cheeks” has the same thickness and 54° slope, and the lower frontal glacis is 45 mm (1.77’’) thick with a slope of 55°. Jump to: navigation, search RANK 4 FRANCE ninucs 35 ninucs 35 Corporal; Member; 35 45 posts; Gender: Male; 3953 7th Guards Tank Corps [7GTC] Report post; Posted May 24, 2014 … The T-30A went on to become the T-40 amphibious scout tank, while the T-30B went on to become the T-60 scout tank. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews War Thunder > General Discussions > Topic Details. Derpa. The cannon mantlet can be easily penetrated even by starter tanks. The T-50 is a rank II Soviet light tank APHEBC shell has explosive filler, making it much more effective than the comparable shells in the US 37 mm and British QF 40 mm cannons. The reload time with fully trained loader is then 3.5 seconds, giving the tank the rate of fire of roughly 17 rounds per minute. The T-50is a rank I Soviet light tank with a battle rating of 2.7 (AB/RB/SB). The lack of neutral steering makes turning on the spot a bit slow: make sure to build a little speed before turning. Other. 20 days ago. .50 A/N M2 Data The Browning.50 A/N M2 was a developement of the standard Browning.50 for use in flexible and fixed application aboard aircraft. Radar on T-50. 784 were built, with limited use by Croatia and Finland. They still can be used to ping targets as a rangefinding help. Decent penetration and good rate of fire. Close. 285. It was introduced during the Closed Beta Test for Ground Forces before Update 1.41. Other. However, technical difficulties prevented this from happening. This news was published on the old version of the website. The lower part resembles that of a Panther's hull with its overlapping metal road wheels, its two large fa… Racks 6: 27 shells modeled / contains 17 shells. The closest real life tank to the E-50 and E-75 would have been the 60 tonne French AMX-50, which used a modified Panther transmission, the 850hp Maybach HL 295 and had a MG 151/20 as a coaxial MG. In War Thunder, the T-50 is a Soviet rank II light tank with BR value of 2.7, and in the Soviet tech tree, it is a direct successor to the BT-7 tank. sekachsiF. If the right side is angled at an impenetrable angle, or if it simply is too difficult to hit, the next best target is the turret. The T-60 is a Rank I light tank in the Russian light tank line of ground vehicles. Coming as a successor of the BT-7, the T-50 retains excellent speed and agility, but with much better armour protection. APCR can Pen most up to T3 german tanks frontally (all of the panzer III and IV series until maybe the Pz.IVG) . It has excellent armour for a light tank and its sloping makes it very effective, especially if angled properly, though its hull cheeks are somewhat vulnerable. The frontal glacis is virtually immune to autocannons and smaller caliber rounds of other light tanks, and at the long range, it can deflect even larger projectiles. Skins and camouflages for the T-50 from live.warthunder.com. The available ammunition is focused on engaging armoured targets: The small caliber of the DT machine guns makes them largely ineffective against all armoured vehicles but the ones with an open compartment. This video is unavailable. It has a very slow traverse rate which makes up-close urban encounters dangerous as you can't rotate quickly to face your opponent. It is an effective light tank with great sloping armour and an adequate 45 mm cannon, a great vehicle for beginners getting used to the Soviet play style in higher ranks. Based on trial results, the frontal armour thickness was reduced to 37 mm (1.46’’) in order to reduce weight, the number of crewmen was reduced to four, a more powerful V-4 diesel powerplant was installed, and other small modifications were made. This heavy tank was introduced in Update 1.51 "Cold Steel".. Regarding firepower, the T-50 can utilize three armour-piercing round types. Red Eye: 80 victories with a battle activity of 50% . The T-50 is unusual in that it combines great mobility and good armour with lacklustre firepower. Unfortunately, there is one major flaw with the T-50: the turret traverse. Created Jun 20, 2012. With all of this in mind, the T-50's greatest weakness is its 45 mm main cannon. It was also arranged for all of the tanks to accommodate radios. Online . Furthemore, a British Valentine infantry tank was supplied to Soviet Union via Lend-Lease from autumn 1941 on, and proved itself to be a better infantry tank than the T-50. The gun's APHE shell does fairly decent post-penetration damage it it penetrates, but this is not guaranteed. Tanks were being produced in the Urals and that included the T-50 light tanks, finally in production. It was supposedly deployed in defence of Leningrad, and most of them were most likely lost quickly, either due to enemy action, or because of mechanical issues. Watch Queue Queue 2. With such speed, it is possible to reach desirable positions on the map well before the enemy can, and it is also possible to flank around the enemy with ease. This video is unavailable. Neither of these vehicles would give Germany any more advantage against post war tanks, and they would be largely redundant in War Thunder. This is a subreddit for War Thunder, a cross platform vehicular combat MMO developed by Gaijin Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. As a light tank, the T-50 is very agile and it has a very high top speed and HP ratio, due t… Turret’s front and sides are then protected by 40 mm (1.77’’) of armour as well, with the gun mantlet’s slope varying between 7-52°. Although the ХР-50 was similar to the XF5F-1 externally, a number of significant changes were introduced into … The T-50 was primarily used on the Leningrad front. Elevation and depression angles of the gun are important, allowing you to fire from unusual positions (behind a ridge, on a slope, etc.). in the front. Suspension wheels and tracks are 15 mm thick. Yellow Sun: 15 victories with a battle activity of 50% . Posted by 2 years ago. There may be some problems with news display in specific browser versions. You can help War Thunder Wiki by expanding it. The T-72AV is a modernized version of the Soviet-made main battle tank T-72A. This fighter was introduced in Update 1.31. The T-50 reaches 16 km/h when fording and 20 km/h when driving uphill. However, in time of the German offensive in June 1941, only approximately 50 T-50 tanks were produced. I have not been able to find any skins for the … Originally with a 12.7 mm machine gun, the T-60 was up-gunned with a 20 mm TNSh cannon, which was derived from an aircraft cannon. Petite partie en arcade en escouade ! Two fuel tanks with an overall capacity of 350 litres gave it an operational range of up to 344 km by road. Penetration can be found wanting with the APHEBC shell, though generally not an issue. While an excellent design, it was mechanically unreliable, expensive, and hard to produce compared to the T-34 and another light tank design, the T-60. 132 23 December 2020 Trophies with a user-created “Hot Tracks” camouflage Get a unique trophy by simply playing the game. It is the logical next step to the French rank IV medium tech tree. War Thunder Live Community ; Paint Schemes and Camouflage ; Skin Requests ; BT-5,BT-7 or T-50 skins Sign in to follow this .

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